HEFL (Erie) Rules (St. George Minor Ball)

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St George Atom Co-Ed, PeeWee Girls, Bantam Girls & Bantam Girls Select (playing as Midget) Play in HEFL.

HEFL Rules of Play


General Rules 

1.  All teams are encouraged to complete all of their league games.

2. Other than inclement weather, games cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be considered a forfeit and the cancelling team will be responsible for any umpire and diamond fees incurred. 

3. T-Ball & Tyke – See attachment re t-ball & tyke rules of play.

4.  Unlimited Substitutions & Everyone Bats – All Divisions



1.  The safety base will be used in all divisions.

2. Players in midget division & under , all minor ages offensive players and bat handlers must wear a helmet with a cage.  This includes tyke and t-ball.

3.  Atom, Squirt, Lassie will use the 11 inch size softball.  Peewee & up will use the 12 inch size softball.

4.  All pitchers are required to wear a protective face mask in U12 categories and below. (Squirt, Lassie, Atom) .  The game cannot be played unless a pitcher has a mask on.


Game Length

1.   All league games will be regulation 7 innings.

2.  All innings to be completed (except for walk off win) and no innings are to be stopped mid play due to time limit.

3.  No new innings – Peewee & Under - to start after 90 minutes of play

                                   -Bantam/Midget/Junior – to start after 120 minutes of play

It is understood that due to local diamond restrictions teams/umpires may agree at ground rules to no new inning to start after 80/110 minutes.

4. Umpires must confirm start/end times at ground rules.  Agreements made at ground rules prior to the start of the game will stand.

5. Games called early due to unsafe playing conditions – 5 innings or 60 minutes of a 90 minute game or 90 minutes of a 120 minute game will be considered a complete game.  Incomplete games will be replayed  (following Softball Canada rules) , unless both teams agree otherwise.



All Divisions – Runs limited to 5 max per inning.  If the 5th run is scored by a steal, the batter at bat returns to bat first in the next inning.

All Divisions – Unlimited Runs allowed in the 7th Inning.   No run limit per inning.

Peewee & Under – Mercy rule is 15 runs after 5 innings.

Bantam/Midget/Junior – Mercy rule is 10 runs after 5 innings.


# of Players

1.   7 Players will be considered a team with no penalty.  The 8th & 9th players are NOT counted as outs.



1.  Home Team will provide 2 Softball Ontario registered or carded umpires. 

2.  Umpires should be older than the division playing.

3.  In the event that a center has only one umpire -visiting team may choose  not to play and be awarded the win by forfeit  - OR -

-visiting team may choose to play  -this will be considered a completed game and the final score will stand

4.  Coaches are encouraged to remain calm and approach the umpire for quiet conversation if a call is in question.


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